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My husband was drinking a monster and noticed a weird taste. After drinking about 1/2 he decided to pour it into a glass and found bugs (alive) swimming in the monster.

He is freaking out! I also took a sip when he opened it bc he asked me if I noticed a weird taste.

I haven't drank any energy drinks since I found out I was pregnant but what is this bug? I added pictures with serial number on the can.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1264927

Fake post! What are you trying to prove?

Oh your a real bad lier!

1. Before their products are instilled into the aluminum cans it's checked for quality.

2 no way possible bugs can live inside a sealed product with out oxygen.


Due to the acidity of the liquid nothing would remain. No evidence to prove your false claim.

4. The flavor would not change because of a few bugs.


Product control check is in place to make sure product is not contaminated by any organisms.

You should stop making B's stories. You're claim is false.


well i'll have to call BS on this because you made one mistake in your false claim. the bugs wouldn't have been alive if anything they'd have been dead due to the sealing of the can ie: lack of oxygen. that and they'd have drowned in the time from being canned to shipping to shelving to your supposed drinking of them.

stop trying to scam companies and get a life will you?

to Anonymous #1062850

I agree; it takes weeks, if not several months, for a can to reach the consumer from the plant. They'd be long dead.

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