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So traumatized. I've been buying monster rehab by the case for several years from my local sams club.

Can't have carbonated drinks so this is great! Love the flavors. Got home late last night so poured can of red raspberry tea into by tumbler. No ice.

Drank it over about 2 hours as I hot to the last, I got a mouthful of slime! Today I opened another can. Daylight. Lots of light.

Poured slowly into clean glass watching carefully. Sure enough.

Last bit in can and out came slime. Yuck!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Monster Energy Rehub Energy Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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WNY here.. the first sip I took of my Raspberry Rehab had the slime...

almost stringy too...it was so disgusting. Purchased at 711 they said they would refund. I told them they should pull it off the shelves and I will be checking in the morning. When I googled it I saw a picture of a decomposing mouse in one can of rehab..

I hope we haven't been drinking anything disgusting like that.. I can't get the slimy feeling out of the back of my throat!!


Same here. Buy by the case.

8 out of last two cases have had slime. I have drank for years. Not until recently has this happened. I'm not ordering more.

I'm only finishing what I have...

if I can. Too bad.


Seriously you are and have been still drinking them...lol that's just grossss


I found this page because it happened to me today as well. Very unpleasant to want to puke first thing in the morning.

I purchased from a Pavilions in Simi Valley, CA. (Rehab raspberry tea) Absolutely disgusting!!


Same here, bought at the same Sams Club in Murrieta. I opened a can of the Raspberry Tea and got through half before thinking it tasted strange.

Poured the rest into a glass and found tons of slime.

Got pictures and video, saved the rest of the drink and can



Bought a Monster Movha Java today and opened it my truck. It started to foam over so I went to sip it before making a mess and it tasted like vomit.

Seriously! It was absolutely spoiled.

It continued to foam over and make a mess in my truck and it was chunky and disgusting. This used to be my favorite and now the thought is making me sick!


Same thing happened to me in va I took videos of it


I had the same thing happen.Mine was at the top though and it was the first big sip that I took from it.

I'm a smoker and it looked similar to the stuff that o cough up in the morning sometimes. I'm in Southern California and found an identical complaint from someone else that is only an hour away from me.

Both yours and the other complaint were last week. Mine happened on 08/04/2017.

I saved the can and the contents inside.I was going to try to figure out where I can take it to get tested.


I've had the worst head ache and have felt disgusted ever since your in cali I'm in Virginia this is national


Had the same thing on the first swig of a raspberry rehab. Almost puked, it was nasty. Bought In Rochester ny on 8/19/17


Got slimed today. San diego CA.

Raspberry rehab.

First sip giant disgusting yellow slime. Last monster il ever buy.

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