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I had one mouthful of my monster rehab raspberry tea drink only to take a mouthful of slimy stuff. I have a picture but it's not letting me upload.

Product or Service Mentioned: Monster Energy Energy Drink.

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Just happened to me from a loca mocha


Same here


Same thing happened to me with the mean bean java monster; and it was the bottom of the can. Wtf? Nasty *** monster dang.


I had the same thing in mine!


I just had the same disgusting experience. I googled "monster raspberry tea slimy" and was glad to see I wasn't the only one but also horrified that monster hasnt done anythung about all of the complaints. I will not be buying the raspberry tea again.


I just had this same thing happen to me with the Raspberry Rehab. Green slime in the can, I poured it into a glass and it seems like it almost has a fiber consistency to it once you start smashing it around.

Anyone heard anything back about this? Anyone been sick from it?


"7 05 11 N1 MH"

Tastes spoiled... flegm-like slime stuck to the tab of the can after "confirmation" drink.

Low and behold, searched The Google and discovered I am not alone in the horrifying realization that I have just ingested foul, alien baby slime. That's just nasty. Is a refund going to cover the punitive cost of associated stomach cramps or alien baby child care? Do alien babies wear diapers?

What do they eat? What if they eat humans??


I did some quick research and found that the "slime" is simply what happens to bottled/canned teas if they're not kept cold or if they're expired. It's not harmful, just a little unappetizing.


Do you have any sources from what you found?


Me too. I had red raspberry rehab. Same thing in second can in case I bought.


Same here. Sadly mine was the last swallow from the can.

I bought a case n cracked open a 2nd pouring slowly into glass. Sure enough more slime at bottom.

Luckily I didn't drink this one but am afraid to try any other from the case. I'm totally traumatized n not sure that I will buy monster again


I had the same thing happen. Mine was at the top though and it was the first big sip that I took from it.

I'm a smoker and it looked similar to the stuff that o cough up in the morning sometimes. I'm in Southern California and found an identical complaint from someone else that is only an hour away from me. Both yours and the other complaint were last week. Mine happened on 08/04/2017.

I saved the can and the contents inside. I was going to try to figure out where I can take it to get tested.


Exactly the same experience I just had moments ago. Monster Rehab Raspberry. Got to the bottom 1/5th of the can and took a mouthful of what looked and felt like phlegm...so disgusted.


I got mine last week here in southern California. I still have the original can and it seems like the "slime grew over a week and now looks more like fungus" I'm noticing that this complaint only happens to raspberry rehab. very concerning.


Over here in colorado I've bought about 6 cans all from different retailers, and they have ALL had the phlegm in them. If you check the code-date silver strip by the bar-code, its always 7-05-11-N1-MH that has the gross stuff.

I contacted Monster about this 3 weeks ago. I want to know why they haven't done a recall yet.


I'm also in Colorado. Same thing!

All of the cans I bought had to be dumped out.

I have videos and pictures and all monster said is they will send me a coupon. Do you really think I want to drink this again?!


I too am in Colorado and just experienced this. A Raspberry Tea Rehab that contained some kind of slimy stuff.

I poured the whole can out. Hoping it doesn't make me sick


I am in Texas and just bought the Raspberry one as the store I go to all the time did not have the Peach one which is my favorite. I was about 1/4th in to it.

It did taste a bit funky but I thought that was normal flavor as I have not had the raspberry one before. While sitting in my office someone came in and noticed the green slime aka snot stuck to the can near the drink hole.

Immediately threw it away. This literally happened 10 minutes ago, freaked out and researched and came here.


THIS LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED TO ME 10 SECONDS AGO. Bought two Raspberry Tea Rehab cans, both from the 07-05-11 N1 MH batch.

NEVER had this experience with any other flavor of Monster before.Does anyone have any idea what it actually is?

I took a swig and felt snot in my mouth, pulled it out and sure enough, the exact crap y'all are saying. I'm so grossed out.

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